The GateHouse                                                                             THIS IS PAGE 1 (first 4 months :     September to December 2010)

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Construction of our "GateHouse"  started 01 September 2010

We estimate that the completion date will be end of February 2011 (or after approximately180 days).


An artist impression of how "The GateHouse" will look : 


The GateHouse consists of:

Ground floor : guest / common areas :

2 guest bedrooms, 2 guest bathrooms, 

1 guest lounge with kitchen,

1 office, 1 store room, 1 laundry room,

1 enclosed courtyard with BBQ area.



First floor: 1 private apartment with:

1 living room,

1 kitchen with corner breakfast table

1 masterbedroom with ensuite bathroom

1 open terrace.



The area earmarked for The GateHouse (in the south - east corner of the land, at the main entrance gate)


Construction progress updates:


September 2010: first month (150 of 180 days remaining)


Four years after we acquired the land, long thoughts about how to develop it, numerous sketches and discussions with our architect, finally we agreed on the drawings, selected a contractor and here is the first picture of the works starting:  

Excavations for the foundation of what we have called The GateHouse....

Workers accommodation onsite



Setting out the foundation plan



Ready to pour the first concrete....



The concrete is setting....



Hollow block production onsite.... 



Foundations being laid....



Masonry in full swing....


October  2010: second month (120 of 180 days remaining)


The first rooms in the courtyard taking shape...



Front view, with the main entrance gate on the left. The ground floor is rising fast...





Starting the first floor concrete slab....



Cement plastering and wall moulding being applied....



                                                                          Rain water tank behind south wall

Courtyard entrance (front view)

                        Courtyard entrance (seen from main entrance gate)

West wall with side entrance to courtyard 

(first floor concrete slab being made..)

                                                                      South - East corner

November 2010: third month (90 of 180 days remaining) - HALF WAY MARK !

The upper floor is nearing completion (west wall view). Once the upper tie beams are set, the metal roof trusses and tiles can be placed.

Plumbing and electricity is getting installed meanwhile on the ground floor (kitchen view)

The arches lining the courtyard have just been casted. Almost ready to place the ground floor roof structure.

Sample colors for wall and gate being applied.  Clash of the titans... what color will it be? Gina won the battle.... Terracota it is (for gate, tower and fence, yellow for the rest...). 

The "PROPRIETOR" (with heiress) has her victory (in the clash of the colors) immortalized at MayLaka's main gate entrance (with The GateHouse and its color samples applied in the background) 

December 2010 : fourth month  (60 of 180 days remaining)

                       Arches in the courtyard are      

                       finished and getting their first 

                       coat of paint...

The first floor is finished and the roof framing is being installed


Painting of the exterior walls is getting underway

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