The GateHouse (page 3)

February 2011 : sixth month ( 00 of 180 days remaining)

The courtyard is finished, the two tone roof is on, the tiles are placed and even the small light fixtures are in place. 

Final touches on the outside being done. The gate is waiting to be installed.

The upstairs living room with outside terrace and full sea views


The laundry room cabinets being installed and painted.


The wardrobes in the upstairs bedroom are being installed.


Wall tiles are being placed in one of he ground floor bathrooms


The perimeter wall needs to be cleaned and readied for painting (same color as the GateHouse Tower). The street side is being leveled and will receive a 2 meters trip of riprap and the remainder will be gravel, to enable parking  cars.   

A walk through video of the ground floor area taken on 05 February 2011 during the lunch break of the workers. Five month into the construction, its nice to see everything coming together.... Completion i s not that far off anymore....


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