MayLaka's full completion was: July 2015 (see Milestones page)

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Construction on the BeachHouse was started 23 July 2013 and the exterior shell was completed September 2014. Interior finishes have been completed June 2015. 

Furniture arrived July, Restaurant kitchen fit out and beach bar completed July.



Great you have found us! We are very happy to share with you our various plans (and how far we reached) in making "MayLaka Beach" our private little heaven on earth.   

Come on in, on the following pages we describe how we are slowly shaping it into a welcoming home, which we will be happy to share with our family, relatives and friends. Maybe one day, we will also have the pleasure to open our gates for you too.....

On this website we aim to provide you with up to date information on the development of our MayLaka private beach residence in Barangay Catmon, Naval, Biliran. In addition, on the Tourists-Visitors Info pages we will also attempt to provide youwith as much as possible unbiased and complementary tourism relevant information about Biliran and its various attractions that  might be of interest to a tourist-visitor not familiar with the area. We hope that with this we will have contributed to making it a little easier to plan an enjoyable trip to this beautiful and from a tourism stand point still largely undiscovered island. 

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