The Gatehouse (page 2)

January 2011 : fifth month  (30 of 180 days remaining)

There is light at the end of the tunnel... We are 5 month (or 150 days)  into the construction of our GateHouse and with just one more month after January remaining, the house is fast nearing completion: 

-the roof is on

-the concrete staircase to the private apartment is finally done

-the tiling is well advanced

-the exterior painting is also advancing well

-the bathrooms, kitchens are being installed

-the windows and doors are on order and will be delivered to site shortly

-and many many many other small details....  

All indications are that the house will be finished as planned, well in time for the housewarming party planned for April...
















The native (bamboo) furniture has already arrived....

Tables, chairs, benches, side tables, bunk beds, double beds, sofa set, etc... 


Drilling of well #1 : we struck water : checking :  is it of good quality , is the flow enough,  will we have to drill deeper.... ??? Still need the second well....


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