"International Tourist and Visitor’s Guide" to Biliran Island Province

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4. Biliran Tourism


4.1. How to get here / How to get there / How to get to Biliran

Option 1 (preferred) : As an international tourist, you best fly into Manila. From Manila take a domestic flight (1 hour) early morning to Tacloban (Leyte), served by both Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific several times daily,  from where you can easily reach Biliran via road by bus or van in about 2 to 3 hours drive (100km). 

Option 2 : You can also choose Cebu as your first point of entry into the Philippines. From Cebu you then take a ferry boat ride to Ormoc (several departures daily, 3 to 5 hours depending on the type of boat) or directly to Naval, Biliran (overnight 8 hours, 2 times per week only). 

Option 3 (for the really adventurous) : Manila to Naval is also possible by bus (count on 24 hours...)

4.2. Getting around 

-personal safety

-do’s and dont's



4.3. Local means of transport 


several buses make the cross-country trip from Naval  (west coast) to the Eastern coastal town of Caibiran taking over 1.5-2 hours 

-aircon van / bus



-motorcycle (habal - habal)

the habal-habal (motorcycle) is the most common mode of transportation as most of the roads outside the main highway are rough and rougher. Haggle with the driver to get the best possible rates or hire on a per-day basis. hours, one way.


-car or van hire / rental

there are no car rental firms in either Tacloban, Ormoc or Biliran as you would know then. car or vans can be hired for a trip, a day orlonger, but always with driver and fuel has to be paid extra


4.4. Where to sleep

-comprehensive list of all currently available accommodations for visitors / tourists - bed space - guesthouse - hotel - resort

4.4.1 AGTA BEACH - JIMMY'S HOUSE (see also VRC)
 (Brgy Talahid, about 3km north of Almeria)

 (Villa Cecilia Sitio, Lomboy, Calumpang, Naval)
no known website : cal+63 53 500 9232 

 (Castin street,Naval)
no known website : call +63(53)5009375

 (Catmon, Naval)

(Masagongsong, Kawayan)
no known website

 (Higatangan Island, Naval)

 (Atipolo, Naval)
no known website  : call +6353 500 9171 or +6353 500 9688

 (Masagongsong Kawayan)
no known website

4.4.9. VRC (see als Agta Beach - Jimmy's house)

4.5. Where to eat 




4.6. Where to go - What to see - What to do - General info

Biliran is an island province located on the eastern part of the Visayas group of islands. It is bounded on the south by Caragara Bay, Samar Sea on the east, North by the Visayas Sea and the strait of Biliran on the West and 

consists of 8 municipalities and 132 barangays. 

The main island has slightly flat to rolling and rough terrain. It has narrow coastal areas or lowlands with mountainous interiors except for the municipalities of Naval and Caibiran that have wider plains and rolling terrain extending about 7 km from the coast. Mountain ranges occupy the major portion of the island municipality of Maripipi.

Biliran has a combination of warm and cool climatic zones, thus the prevailing climate is ideal for the cultivation of a wide range of agricultural crops. There is no distinct dry season but the heavy wet season generally occurs in December.

Biliran Province is endowed with natural tourist attractions that lure both local and foreign tourists: coral reef gardens, scenic waterways, white sand beaches, natural hot and cold water springs.

White Sand Beaches. The island takes pride in its white sand beaches: the Agta beach in Almeria, the Banderahan Beach in Naval, the exotic island of Dalutan with its sculptured rock formations, the Sambawan Island with its rich marine life and coral gardens, the Higatangan Island, famous for its moving white sand bar, the Cogon Beach in Kawayan which is ideal for edible shellfish hunting, and the Genuruan Island in Kawayan which is ideal for water skiing and deep sea diving. There is also the Tingkasan Island, famous for its mysterious bat caves and edible shellfishes. The panoramic island of Maripipi has a beautiful marine seascape.

Waterfalls. The clear and sweet tasting water that flows from the Tomalistis falls is believed to be one of the best in the world. Other falls include the Kasabangan Falls and Casiawan Falls in Cabucgayan, the Kinaraha and Pundol Falls in Almeria, and the newly discovered falls in Pulang Yuta in Caibiran which resembles the Pagsangjan Falls.

Water Springs. The Libtong Hotspring is located in Naval while the Mainit Hotspring can be found in the municipality of Caibiran.

The more popular swimming pools are the Masagongsong Swimming Pool in Kawayan and the San Bernardino Swimming Pool in Caibiran. These pools never run dry nor require chlorination because their waters flow freely from their cool underground natural spring source. Both have amenities like kiosks, conference halls, dressing rooms and rest houses.

(source http://www.biliran.gov.ph)

4.7. Specific places of interest

4.7.1. Islands (part of Biliran Province)

-Dalutan Island , from Almeria by boat

Dalutan is an uninhabited island with a beautiful white beach. The rest of the island is covered with huge rocks. The island teems with forests and exotic birds that make the island their nesting place. There are kiosks for day picnic and a neat cottage for overnight stay. The nipa cottage is a plain and basic shelter for the night sans modern world amenities. A caretaker arrives to collect kiosk rent and prepare the nipa cottage for those who wish to stay overnight. It is a must to bring your own supply of water and food. Dalutan Island is fifteen minutes by boat from the town of Almeria. VCR Resort and Agta Beach Resort in Almeria have a boat trip for guests to Dalutan Island.

-Higatangan Island, from Naval by boat

Higatangan Island was thrust into popularity when Jens Peters used the island’s photo as the cover of his guide book. Thanks to it’s out of the way location, Higatangan Island is yet to be overrun by commercial tourism. It remains to be the same laid back, pristine island as it was before.

The 200 meter sand bar that juts out to the sea changes its location depending on the wind and tide. The sand bar or ‘lawis’ is studded with gigantic clam shells, and other exotic sea shells washed in from the open sea.

Around the island are empty white beaches, and amazing rock formations. You can rent a bike to explore the island for a day.

For accommodations: 
Higatangan Island Beach Resort has 2 cottages with 2 bedrooms each to accommodate guests. They also have a function hall that can accommodate 150 people. They also have camp tents and Contact/Reservations : Beth Ngoho +63 9052622010 The fastest way to get to Higatangan Island is by a 45 mins boat ride from Naval to Mabini or Libertad in Higatangan.

-Maripipi Island, from Naval by boat

Maripipi is an island municipality of Bilirian with 113 barangays. Motor boats from Naval to Maripipi are one hour and thirty minutes. Maripipi has a very rich marine life, coral gardens, and palm fringed beaches. It is a laid back town whose time runs along the day’s rhythm. Explore the islands ruins and pre-Hispanic settlements.

-Tingkasan Island - Kawayan, Biliran

This island can be reached by a 30 minutes pump boat ride from Kawayan town proper. Enjoy swimming and bathing on the empty white sand beach. There is a bat cave for those who like a little adve

nture. The waters around the island abound with edible shellfish.

-Sambawan Island

-Capinahan Island

4.7.2. Water Falls, Cascades, Springs & Pools

-Bagongbong Falls 

Barangay Caucab, Almeria, Biliran From the town Almeria, one takes a habal- habal to Brgy. Caucab ( fare P35 pesos per head as of Nov 2008) In Barangay Caucab, guides will swarm to you offering their services. It is a must to take a guide, the hike involves a maximum 1 hour and 30 minutes walking through thick jungle. The fair price for a guide should be a P100.00 (as of Nov 2008). The hike is moderately difficult but offers astonishing view of the villages below. Enjoy the Inayusan rice terraces from a distance. Bagongbong is a breath taking 30-feet waterfalls amidst tropical forest. A cacophony of birds and the local “Kalaw” is ever present. Expect to see monkeys perched on treetops. A natural pool around the massive falls is ideal for bathing, and picnic. A governments study revealed that if the fall’s hydro power is tapped it can provide 3.5 megawatts of electricity.

-Busai Falls, Ungale, Kawayan

-Casyawan Falls - Cabucgayan, Biliran 

The falls is a short walk from Brgy. Casyawan. A majestic beauty tucked hidden in the jungle. The hike is an experience in itself. Heavy undergrowth and huge mahogany trees stand like giant sentinels of the jungle, some with roots over three meters wide. A narrow steep trail leads to the falls. A towering 40 foot waterfall drops to a large natural pool below.

-Kasabangan Falls, Balaquid, Caibiran

-Kinaraha Cascades, Almeria

-Libtong Hot Springs, Libtong

From libtong its one hour walking. The guide made a path with his bolo, trough the dense vegetation, The smell of sulfur is strong. The temperature is about 70 degrees centigrade.

-Mainit Hot Springs, Caibiran

Mainit Hot Spring is 40 minutes by jeepney from Naval . The portions of the road is unpaved and rough, expect a bumpy ride. Concrete seats for visitors have been built around the spring. Enjoy the dip in warm water with medicinal sulphur that is believed to be good for arthritis, rheumatism, and skin allergies.

-Masagongsong Pools, Kawayan

-Tigbaw Falls, Sitio Tigbao, Biliran

is steadily becoming a popular tourist destination in Biliran. With a height of between 30 to 40 feet, this natural wonder is considered a potential source of hydroelectric power in the province. It can be reached after around 15 minutes of hiking from Sitio Tigbao.

-Tinago waterfall in Caibiran

Tinago means "hidden" in local language

-Tomalistis Falls, Caibiran

made it in the guinness book of records for the "sweetest" water. Just a few steps away from the shore.

-Ulan Ulan Falls, Sampao

Ulan means "rain"  in local language

4.7.3. Mountains & Volcanos

-Biliran Volcano, Biliran

At 1,300 meters, Biliran Volcano is the highest peak in the province. It is also called Mt. Suiro. This dormant volcano provides hikers with a fascinating view of the whole island. It is also a perfect site for camping and trekking.

4.7.4. Various

-Acaban bat cave, Culaba

-Iyusan Rice Terraces, Almeria

Man-made agricultural wonder, a must-visit tourist site. Patterned after the famous Banaue Rice Terraces. Created to help farmers optimize rice yield.

-Natural rock formations, Higatangan Island 

-Nasunugan Watchtower, Biliran (town)

-Tingkasan bat cave, Kawayan 

A haven for adventure seekers, Tingkasan Bat Cave is located in the municipality of Kawayan. Aside from being a natural habitat for bats, the cave also served as a perfect diving and spear-fishing site. Local folks believe that the cave’s rectangular opening was created by the Japanese in World War II.

4.7.5. Beaches

-Agta Beach, Almeria

about one kilometer long, Agta Beach is another white sand beach in Biliran. It is located in Almeria and can be reached after a 25-minute drive from Naval

-Almadro Beach, Cabucgayan

-Banderrahan Beach, Caray-Caray

white-sand beach, rich in mangroves and palm trees, making it a popular holiday getaway for nature lovers. Located 2.5 kilometers from the national road

-Candol Beach, Maripipi Island, from Naval by boat

-Sambauan Beach, Maripipi Island, from Naval by boat

The beach of Sambauan Islets in Maripipi is popular for its crystal blue water, a favourite destination for picnics and swimming by locals. Samabuan is an uninhabited island which means you have to bring plenty of water and food to last for the day. The main town of Naval in Biliran is the jump off point to Maripipi Island. The trip lasts for one hour and thirty minutes. From the island of Maripipi one can also hire a boat for a day to take you to Sambauan and back. It is recommended that you stay and explore beautiful Maripipi.

4.8. Various activities 

-scuba diving







4.9. What to buy 

-local handicrafts

4.10. Local events

4.10.1. Fiestas 

4.10.2. Festivals

Several municipalities in Biliran Province maintain the historical significance of local festivals, depicting the legends, cultures and histories of their towns. 


Bagasumbol Festival, Naval (September)

celebrated every September in Naval. Also known as “Halad sa Birhen,” the occasion honors the town’s patroness, Nuestra Señora Virgen del Rosario.


-Buktay Festival, Cabucgayan (October)

Every year local folks in Cabucgayan celebrate the Buktay Festival. The event is a way of gratitude for a bumper harvest of bukgay shell. The town is named after these marine organisms that are abundant in Cabucgayan.

-Ginatulan Festival, Maripipi (date ?)

celebrates the wonder of pottery-making, of which the island town of Maripipi is known for. Ginatulan means the "galut" action of carving or cleaving chunks of clay from its very source or mound.

-Ibid Festival, Caibiran (date ?)

portrays how the town of Caibiran got its name from the species of monitor lizard locally known as "ibid".

4.11. Miscellaneous 

-currency exchange rate / money changers

-local internet and telephone service providers

          Smart Telecommunications : http://smart.com.ph

          Globe Telecom : http://site.globe.com.ph 

-local radio (live stream) 

-local electricity 



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