What have we accomplished so far:


2006 Transfer of ownership and clean land title secured


2007 Land cleared of all overgrowth and surveyed, including topography

           Swamp area backfilled

           Gardener - caretaker appointed

           Grass planted


2008 Perimeter wall and sea wall designed and build


2009 Architect selected and The GateHouse and The BeachHouse layouts agreed


2010 The GateHouse detailed drawings completed

          The GateHouse tender sent out, bids received, contractor selected 

          Construction of  The GateHouse started 01 September


2011  Construction of The GateHouse completed March

           The GateHouse housewarming party and blessings held on 18 April

           The BeachHouse detailed drawings  completed in April         

2013  Contract awarded for construction of The BeachHouse

          Construction of The BeachHouse started  July (estimated duration 12 to 14 months)

2014  Taken up permanent residence at MayLaka Beach in July            

           Construction of the BeachHouse exterior shell completed September

           Spring water recovery system build and working satisfactorily (spring flow measured at  +8000 liters per hour)

           Interior finishes and garden landscaping started September     

2015   Interior finishes of the BeachHouse completed June 

           Garden landscaping completed June

           OrchidHouse completed March 

           Vegetable garden (an area with small elevated beds of fertile soil) completed March.  

POST 2015 to date:    

-build aviary for breeding of various varieties of Gold Pheasants (JD's hobby)

-build small incinerator and compost silo

-build the eagles nest area

-build the fire pit area


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